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Heavy Equipment Transport & Industrial Shipping Solutions

From windmills to tractors, Freight Right handles complex industrial shipments from everything from construction companies to mines.

The landscape of industrial goods transportation is ever-changing, necessitating a logistics partner that evolves in tandem. At Freight Right, we're at the forefront of industry trends and supply chain innovations, making us adept at managing even the most complex heavy equipment transport needs.

Expertise in Heavy Equipment and Machinery Transport

Our realm of expertise extends across a wide range of industrial shipping requirements, including the movement of hazardous materials, oversized machinery, and heavyweight industrial equipment. Our seasoned professionals are adept in the intricacies of transporting industrial machinery, ensuring each shipment is executed with precision, safety, and efficiency.

Tailored Solutions for Industrial Equipment Shipping

At the heart of our service is a commitment to tailoring solutions to the unique demands of your industrial equipment shipping. This includes collaborating with our network of brokers for comprehensive insurance on high-value items, meticulously preparing documents for hazardous cargos, and arranging specialized carriers for oversized machinery transport

Your Trusted Partner in Industrial Logistics

With Freight Right, you gain a partner dedicated to the seamless transport of your heavy industrial assets, empowering your operations to proceed without interruption. Our goal is to deliver your shipments on schedule, securely, and at competitive rates, irrespective of the challenges posed by size, weight, or complexity.

Within the Industrial Goods Industry

Freight Right handles safe, efficient shipping of heavy equipment for the energy and power sectors.

Energy and Power

Energy and Power
Freight Right excels in transporting heavy construction equipment safely and efficiently


Freight Right ensures expert heavy equipment transport for the automobile industry.