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Experience Unparalleled Air Freight Forwarding with Freight Right

Move your freight off the ground with Freight Right’s top-tier air freight services.

Why Freight Right for your Air Freight

At Freight Right, our promise is quality. As an Indirect Air Carrier, we select only the most qualified carriers for your freight. This means shorter transit times, reliable schedules, and attention to safety for your goods.

Freight Right air freight with top carriers for fast, safe, and reliable service excellence.

Customer Service

We only partner with the highest quality carriers who we know to be reliable, efficient, and honest. This eliminates unnecessary delays and risks.

Freight Right ensures swift air cargo screening to meet ICAO standards, avoiding delays.

Enhanced Cargo Screening

WIth the new International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requiring screening for all air cargo, including in cargo only aircraft, Freight Right is prioritizing carriers and facilities that assist with cargo screening to avoid delays.

Freight Right excels in air freight for specialty cargo, ensuring safe, tailored handling.

Specialty Cargo

Whether you are moving a commodity that is hazardous, temperature sensitive, or requires unique attention, our expert team is prepared to handle it. From CBD to pharmaceuticals, to perishables, no matter what the commodity, we have the resources, talent, and connections to make sure your shipment arrives safe and sound.

Freight Right's full-service air freight with added trucking, warehousing, and rail options.

Full Service

Looking for first-rate service beyond your cargo’s flight. As a full service freight forwarder, we offer many other high quality supply chain services like trucking, warehousing, and rail services.

What we offer

Blocked Space



Import & Export


AOG & Ship Spares

Express & Courier

Charter Services


Beyond The Airport

Freight Right’s quality air freight services don’t begin or end at the airport. Our domestic trucking services in the United States can help you make sure your goods are handled with the same level of service from beginning to end.

We also offer specialized services such as cold trucking and express services for time sensitive shipments.

Find out more about our domestic services here.

What does air freight with Freight Right actually look like?

Let us walk you through a real life example from one of our air freight customers.

A shipper called Freight Right looking for help moving their 10 pallets from Los Angeles to Iraq via air freight.

Freight Right’s air freight team looked into local options from Los Angeles International Airport and discovered only one flight and it was extremely expensive.

However, they weren’t done searching. A broader search via Freight Right’s nationwide network revealed a much more cost effective option out of Chicago’s O'hare international Airport.

So, Freight Right’s air export team moved the shipment via ground from LAX to ORD, saving the customer over three thousand dollars and the shipment arrived in Iraq in a timely manner.

Need an inventive air freight solution? Get a quote today.