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From Modesto to Maine

With the highest quality Full Truckload and Less Than Truckload services, Freight Right is your final destination for domestic trucking partnerships.

Why Freight Right

Our dedicated trucking team handles thousands of unique LTL and FTL shipments a year, providing our customers with regional, national, and international solutions.


Personalized Service

At Freight Right, your shipment will be personally handled by a committed representative who understands your account and is equipped to make decisions that will enhance your business.


Diverse Network

Our national and international network of carriers includes only the highest quality providers that our team has vetted for value, honesty, and reliability.


Dependable solutions

The Freight Right logisticians are some of the best in their industry and we are dedicated to seeking out the best possible solution for every shipment we are presented with.


Lasting Relationships

Freight Right is built on the value of lasting relationships with both our carriers and customers. We want to invest in your business for the long haul.

Less Than Truckload

Less than truckload, or LTL, is a solution for shippers whose volume of freight does not require the exclusive use of an entire truck. With LTL multiple shippers transport their freight in a consolidated carrier that travels through carrier hubs to minimize costs.

Why LTL for your freight?

Accessorial Services

LTL carriers often use smaller trucks for the pick-up and delivery portion. This allows them to use lift gates, access areas where larger trucks don’t fit, deliver and pick up from residences, and much more.


Pooling loads from multiple shippers means you are only paying for the space you use on the truck. Drivers also make multiple stops, spreading the cost of the trip across many customers.

It's Greener

Consolidations result in fewer trucks on the road. Our systems flag multiple pick-ups from the same shipper and allow us to dispatch the same truck, instead of different carriers.

More Service Options

LTL carriers offer multiple options including expedited, economy, and deferred services to perfectly fit your budget needs.

Visibility And Analytics

LTL carriers have one of the most mature technologies in the transportation industry. We are able to offer sophisticated reports and analytics for higher volume shippers.

Full Truckload

Full truckload, or FTL refers to a shipment where the entire truck is procured for your shipment. With FTL, your shipment goes directly from origin to destination and is handled by the same carrier, and often the same driver/truck. This allows for optimal transit time and less handling of your goods.

At Freight Right, we provide a great price without compromising quality. Our biggest priority in FTL is to make sure your goods arrive at their destination on time, safely, and for a fair price.

Our FTL options:




Specialized Cargo and Trailers


Precious Cargo


Oversize or Heavyweight


Expedited Deliver


Dangerous Goods

Full Truckload Industry Options

At Freight Right, we arrange for a custom transport solution each time you book with us, taking into account the best price practices, transit time, and other sensitivities of your cargo. We make sure that these industry-specific products get picked up and delivered safely and on time each time.

icn-solutions-car Auto & Auto Parts
icn-solutions-chemical Chemical
icn-solutions-consumergoods Everyday Products
icn-solutions-energy Energy & Infrastructure
icn-solutions-food Food & Beverage
icn-solutions-government Nonprofit & Government
icn-solutions-paper Paper Products
icn-solutions-healthcare Pharma
icn-solutions-retail Retail Products
icn-solutions-electronics Electronics

Here Is A Short List of Some of Our Partners