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Real-Time Air Freight Rates & Ocean Container Rates Delivered Right To You

Whether you are a shipper, a marketplace, or a reseller of freight, our Rates API allows you to seamlessly access our spot and contract rates for ocean cargo and air cargo.

Eliminate Calling Around & Estimating Air Freight & Ocean Container Rates

No more calling around to see what others are charging, checking around carrier websites or outright estimating. Freight Right’s Rates API pulls, aggregates and compiles the latest freight rates information from a number of sources and hands the aggregated results to you.

Major Countries’ Freight Rates Covered

Rates API aggregates and delivers ocean and air cargo rates for US, Canada and 50 countries in between delivered instantly.

Air Cargo Rates & Ocean Container Rates Delivered Your Way

Get your rates delivered at any cadence that works for your team. Monthly, weekly, daily or a custom cadence.

Built With Shippers, Marketplaces & Resellers In Mind

Finding, aggregating and making decisions off of the latest freight rates is challenging. Freight Right's Rates API system was designed to take the pain out of this task for businesses of all sizes that need reliable, current and accurate rates.


How does Freight Right compile information to use around Rates API?

Through our partnerships with name brand shipping lines and air cargo fleets, we’re able to get privileged access to pricing via direct connection.

How often is data refreshed?

Rates data sets are refreshed daily. While it’s not uncommon for carrier rates to change multiple times during the day, it’s more common that rates update daily.

Can other people on my team get access to rates?

Absolutely. Anyone on your team can get their own readout of the air and/or ocean container rates sent at any frequency. Talk to our team about onboarding and configuring deliveries for other team members.