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Book Air Cargo Like You Book Your Travel

The future of booking air cargo is here. Say goodbye to over promised space and contract pricing. Discover how the power of digital air cargo (DAC) is transforming the air cargo industry with real-time, market-based spot pricing. Book your freight like you book a plane ticket. Learn how Freight Right’s team can set your business up with digital air cargo.

Shop a Marketplace of Spot Air Cargo Rates

See clearly what routes and planes are charging moment-by-moment and the plane’s real-time cargo space availability. Find the flight that works for your budget or delivery time.


Pay The Rate You See From Leading Air Cargo Carriers

It’s just that simple. Real-time spot pricing tailored to your shipment's destination. Factors such as demand, cargo specifics, shipping class, and market fluctuations are considered for competitive pricing.

Real-Time Cargo Tracking

Gain full visibility into your shipment's location and status throughout its journey. GPS, RFID, and other tracking technologies keep you informed every step of the way.

Cargo Guaranteed Never To Roll Over

Pricing and booked space is a function of contracts. With DAC, the price you see is based on what is available specific to that plane, specific to that route at that moment. When you book your cargo, your cargo is booked with zero chances of cargo rollover.

Making Air Cargo Booking Easy, Democratic & Transparent for Shippers

Digital air cargo enables shippers to benefit from transparent, real-time pricing for air cargo space on air cargo carriers.

Like booking a flight on Expedia, where users see a marketplace-style layout of airlines and their current prices for certain trips, digital air cargo enables shippers to do the same with booking air cargo. Prices are set by the market, not by contracts or stipulations favorable to some groups and unfavorable to others.


What is Digital Air Cargo (DAC)?

Digital air cargo or dynamic air cargo pricing, the concept, is a comprehensive blueprint, aligning carriers, forwarders/GSAs, and shippers in real-time for optimal pricing and capacity matching.

DAC, in practice, is real-time spot pricing for air cargo aggregated in an Expedia-style setup for cargo carriers to browse and book air cargo space on specific routes from specific airlines directly.

How often are prices, routes and space refreshed?

Like Expedia or Uber pricing for travel, DAC information is refreshed several times per day reflecting the latest availability and prices.

Can I get contractually-set digital air cargo pricing?

No. The value of DAC is that there aren’t contracts that lock shippers into specific rates with specific routes and airlines. The value of DAC is the spot rate prices are set by space available on specific airlines on specific routes. Prices will increase or decrease as availability changes..