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Leading Drayage Company in the US: Freight Right

We offer container drayage in nearly every port and railhead in the United States and Canada.

Efficient drayage services bridging intermodal shipping gaps at US ports by Freight Right.

Drayage Services

Drayage helps fill the gaps in intermodal shipping for goods that are being transported a short distance via ground freight.

Why Freight Right for my Drayage Services?

All Freight Right carriers offer standard, tri-axle, and spread-axle chassis, as they maintain interchanges with every steamship line in every port. Chicago, Minneapolis, Jacksonville, and others are among some of the most complicated and congested ports that Freight Right serves.

Freight Right works with asset-based drayage carriers, company-owned trucks, and employee drivers. This allows for seamless handling of hazmat, heavyweight, oversized, and customs-bonded shipments.

Together, Freight Right’s drayage carriers and warehouse network provide transload capabilities near every port or inland rail ramp across the country. Freight can be reloaded and delivered by 53’ dry vans, flatbed trailers, trucks with lift gates and other specialized equipment. The product can also be stored in warehouses near the ports, saving expensive port storage fees and container detention charges (per diem).

Freight Right’s dispatch team takes full ownership and responsibility of each job, tracking containers well in advance of arrival, setting and monitoring port, rail, and delivery appointments.