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A Flexible Warehouse Management System for Shippers, Wholesalers & Distributors

Manage inventory, locations, orders, shipments, and billing all in one lightweight, intuitive dashboard system wherever your inventory is across our national warehouse network with Freight Right’s Warehouse Management System.

Warehouse & Inventory Management For Big & Bulky Items

Most fulfillment facilities specialize in smaller items that require kitting, picking, and packing in shipping boxes. These facilities do not do well with large items that come packed ready to ship and often require freight for last mile delivery.

Freight Right’s network of warehouses easily accommodate big & bulky items from medical equipment to furniture. Our warehouse network covers all major ports in the US and Canada making your product available for delivery within 2 days to the vast majority of the North American consumers.

Real-Time Inventory Management & Visibility

With a connected network spanning the entire country, Freight Right’s Warehouse Management System will keep track of all your SKUs and inventory levels in real-time. Ensure stock levels remain optimal no matter where they are.

Centralized Management of Orders, Documents & SKUs

Harmonize the intricacies of order management across all sales channels and in-transit inventory tracking on-site. Keep all documents in one place for every order. Reduce sorting through emails and attachments to find the things you need for every order and SKU.

No IT Team? No Problem!

No upskilling, cross-skilling or need to find an IT team to setup, manage or interact with Visibility. Visibility is designed with teams in mind who want to know where their shipments are fast so we cut out all the bloat and weight that can come with other freight visibility tools. No cost to setup, no cost to use.

Integrate With Other ERP & Shopping Cart Systems

Talk to our team about custom integration options or options to configure in-transit inventory tracking. We can configure Freight Right’s Warehouse Management System to work with leading tools including Shippo, Shipstation, ShippingEasy & more.



Does Freight Right’s Warehouse Management System cost anything to use?

Our Warehouse Management System is free to use for any Freight Right customer. Interested in seeing what our warehouse management solution can do for you? Schedule a discovery call with our team.

Does Freight Right offer transportation options for goods stored in warehouses?

Yes. Freight Right offers coverage for all legs including receiving, storage (short and long term), distribution, last mile delivery, as well as other warehouse services like transloading, cross-docking, Contact your Freight Right representative to learn more.

How often is Freight Right's Warehouse Management System's data refreshed?

Data is refreshed multiple times per day to reflect the latest inventory levels across our warehouse network.

I don’t have an in-house IT team. Do I need to find IT resources to use and set up Freight Right’s Warehouse Management System?

There is no limit to the number of users your organization can add. If you want to add members of your compliance team, finance team, operations team or C-level to the team users can be added and removed with different permission levels with a few clicks.

Does your warehouse management software integrate with other e-commerce solutions or website storefronts?

Yes. WMS can integrate with most e-commerce tools and solutions. We can connect to most shopping carts as well as solutions like Shipstation, Shippo, ShippingEasy & more.