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Import/Export Food, Vehicles, Furniture, Honey, Art & Goods - Freight Right

From amusement parks to mines, from hotels to museums, our freight team does it all.

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FF&E and Hospitality

We manage furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) logistics for restaurants, hotel, and hospitality new builds and remodels.

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Aerospace and Aviation Logistics

Expert aerospace and aviation logistics solutions for seamless, secure transport of critical aircraft components globally.

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Fine Arts & Luxury Goods

We handle the shipping of fine arts pieces, antiques, luxury items, collectibles, and more.

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From OOG equipment to critical parts, Freight Right supports dozens of mines worldwide.

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Industrial Goods

From windmills to tractors, Freight Right handles complex industrial shipments from everything from construction companies to mines.

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Consumer Goods

From e-commerce supply to brick and mortar stores to Amazon FBA, Freight Right is a seasoned expert when it comes to consumer goods.

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Fragile Freight

Specialized fragile freight services ensuring secure and careful handling of your most delicate items worldwide.

Equipment dimensions, expert advice, real-time pricing, and oversize routing for your oversized or special cargo.

Freight Right accommodates to the various needs and complexities of specialized manufacturers across the board. With our practice in project cargo, we transport any overweight or industry-specific freight via RORO (roll-on, roll-off) vessels, railways, air freight, or any combination. We hold timeliness and efficiency at the forefront of all of our delivery schedules to assess any time constraints our customers may have.

What we offer: