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What is Project Cargo?


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Project Cargo

What is Project Cargo?

Project Cargo is a term used to describe the transportation of large, heavy-duty, high value, or complex pieces of equipment, domestically or internationally. The materials included in project cargo can be globally sourced, or from one specific location. Oil and gas, wind power, engineering, mining, and construction fields or industries are heavily involved in this type of transportation, as they all require a detailed engineering process and care. Project cargo, in its turn, requires lots of attention to detail in order to remain within projected budgets and to complete the shipments or transport on time. 

Project cargo is all about attention to detail. Pre-planning is the crucial step that leads to efficient operations. Maintaining efficiency in such complex cargo operations eliminate risks and reduce costs.

Project cargo can consist of multiple shipments, as well as a single shipment, and can cover a wide range of freight volume and cargo value. It can mean single or multiple pieces of equipment being transported from one point to another location, or various destinations over a period of time. It can move by land, sea, or air, and can involve trucks, rail, cranes, ships, barges and/or planes.



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