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Attractions & Entertainment

We deliver exceptional logistics solutions for amusement parks, family fun centers, and experiential attractions worldwide.


At Freight Right Logistics, we recognize the unique shipping needs of the attractions and entertainment industries, which often involve oversized, delicate, or irregularly shaped equipment. Our customized logistics solutions are crafted to guarantee the safe, efficient, and professional transportation of your specialty equipment, enabling you to deliver unforgettable experiences for your visitors.

Whether you're setting up a new amusement park, upgrading an attraction, or building an interactive art installation our vast experience and dedication to excellence make Freight Right your go-to partner for all your attractions and entertainment shipping needs.

Within the Amusement & Entertainment Industry


Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

Experiential Attractions

Experiential Attractions

Family Fun Centers

Family Fun Centers

Temporary Installations

Temporary Installations

Comprehensive Attractions & Entertainment Project Management and Logistics Solutions

As a specialized logistics company, we offer a variety of project-based services to synchronize the procurement, transportation, warehousing, delivery, and installation of products from multiple manufacturers to your location.

Ready to elevate your attractions and entertainment logistics? Trust the experts at Freight Right Logistics to deliver the exceptional service you need. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how we can create customized solutions that exceed your expectations.