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Less Than Truckload - LTL | Freight Right Global Logistics

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Less Than Truckload

Nationwide LTL plus Canada and Mexico. Instant rates, booking, and tracking online.

National And Regional Capacity

Direct access to over 100 national, regional, and local LTL carriers.

Competitive Prices

We leverage our purchasing volume to drive down cost.

Dedicated Representatives

A dedicated representative that knows your business and can often troubleshoot shipments issues without your involvement.

Proactive Communication

Proactive communication with LTL carriers, problem resolutions, and unparalleled knowledge of the LTL landscape.

Billing Audits and Re-Class/Re-weight Disputes

Our LTL team audits your shipments before dispatching to reduce your chance of a rebill due to inaccurate or insufficient information. Re-class/Re-weight charges are automatically reviewed for accuracy and disputed when warrantied.

Accessorial Verification

Our trams provide verification of shipper and receiver premises toz make sure your shipment doesn’t require any special considerations.

Modern Solutions For Your LCL Freight

We partnered with more than 100 national, regional, and local trucking companies covering US and Canada. We leverage our purchasing power to drive down costs and complement this with the expertise of our LTL team, exceptional customer service and state of the art technology.


Why Ship LTL?

Less-than-truckload or LTL is a solution for shippers who have freight that does not require exclusive use of the whole truck. This allows multiple shippers to transport their freight in consolidated trailers and over carrier hubs to minimize cost.

Accessorial Services

LTL carriers often use smaller trucks for the pick up and delivery portion. This allows them to use lift gates, access areas where larger trucks don’t fit, deliver and pick up from residences, and much more.


Pooling loads from multiple shippers means you are only paying for the space you use on the truck. Drivers also make multiple stops spreading the cost of the trip across many customers.

It's Greener

Consolidations result in fewer trucks on the road. Our systems flag multiple pick ups from the same shipper and allow us to dispatch the same truck instead of different carriers.

More Service Options

LTL carriers offer multiple options including expedited, economy, and deferred services to perfectly fit your needs and budget.

Visibility And Analytics

LTL carriers have one of the most mature technologies in the transportation industry. We are able to offer sophisticated reports and analytics for higher volume shippers.

Manage Your Freight With Freight Right TMS

Considered a short haul, 200 miles or less, drayage moves the container to and from the rail terminal or shipping port. As a key component to intermodal shipping, working with an experienced company ensures its capabilities are fully leveraged. TQL offers you access to a nationwide drayage network with:

  • Coverage at all ports and ramps
  • Bonded, quality carriers anywhere you need them
  • Dry and temperature-controlled capabilities
  • Warehousing and trans-loading contacts near every major port
  • Extensive nationwide network of UIIA and TWIC certified carriers

Here Is A Short List of Some of Our Partners