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FBA Shipment Checklist

In this guide, you will learn about the packaging, labeling, and shipping requirements for Amazon FBA deliveries.

To effectively prepare your Amazon shipments, make sure you have the following materials:

*** Items that require additional preparation or barcodes upon arriving at fulfillment centers may be delayed and subject to additional charges for unplanned service.

Amazon FBA: Shipment Checklist


Using Packing Materials

Make sure that the dunnage or packing materials that you’re using are approved by Amazon.

All of your shipping labels must include:


*** If your products do not have these types of barcodes, you are responsible for labeling them with barcodes generated by Amazon on the Seller Portal.

When shipping small parcels, make sure that your box has two labels per box. One will be for FBA and the other will be for shipping.

When shipping truckloads, there are four FBA shipping labels, each one to be placed at the top-center of each of the four sides of the pallet.

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