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How to Prepare your U.S. Ocean Container

In this guide, you will learn how to pack your containers, in compliance with the Amazon Fulfillment Center receiving requirements.

HOW TO: Prepare your ocean container

The 4-step Process

1. Work your products into cardboard boxes

2. Select your container

General purpose container

High cube container

3. Decide between LCL and FCL loads

4. Choose your load type

Fluid floor loading

Clamp truck shipment

Pallet preparation

Your checklist before loading

Unit Checklist

* The barcode will start with B00 or X00 and will be unique to one specific product

* Refer to ‘Label Products’ in Seller Central ‘Help’

*The same ASIN within the same case or pallets must contain the same expiration date

*The master carton must have an expiration date as well

Fluid Floor Loaded Shipment Preparation Checklist

Boxes are stacked from the bottom of fluid floor loaded containers without the use of pallets.

*If you have oversized product units (individual units over 20 lbs or 9kgs), prepare them on pallets or have them clamp truck enabled.

*Check “FBA Product Size Tiers” information on Seller Central

*You can pack multiple ASINs in the same box, but no more than 5 different ASINs are recommended to be placed in the same box

How to Load a Clamp Truck Shipment Container

What are clam truck shipments?

Clamp truck shipments are special floor loaded shipments received by Sortable FC’s (standard size products) and Non-sortable FC’s (oversized products).


*DO NOT bundle boxes together with straps, zip ties, tape, or other products.

How to prepare for palletized shipments

*Ship grocery or food products on GMA 1A grade pallets

*It is considered safe to double stack pallets when the height does not exceed a maximum of 100’’ or 2.54 m.

How to load the container for palletized shipments

How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Note: Containers that do not comply with the aforementioned protocol and Amazon FBA requirements, may be rejected. In that case, you will be responsible for additional storage, re-work, and re-delivery charges.