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International Shipping Via Ocean

In this guide, you will learn how to arrange the transportation and shipment of ocean freight.

Ocean Freight Shipments

Forwarding goods on ocean container ships is the most cost-effective method of transporting bulk cargo between two distant locations. While ocean forwarding takes longer than air cargo, many find that this mode of transport is the best way to transport non-time-critical goods.

The Step-by-step Process

1. Pack the goods

When shipping to overseas locations, many shippers don’t realize the conditions that their cargo goes through in the process. Here are some things to look out for:

2. Load Shipping Containers

Once you’ve safely packed your goods and sent them to the shipping warehouse. Whenever there, the boxes and pallets are packed into ocean shipping containers.

The standardized nature of these containers allows them to be easily loaded and unloaded. Depending on the size of your goods or the number of boxes/pallets, they may be consolidated in a container with the goods of other shippers/entities.

Once the container is full, it will be sealed and delivered to a bonded warehouse for exportation.

3. Load Containers on Ships

Once operations at the bonded warehouse are completed, the containers will get loaded on a container ship. After this, the ship will make its journey from the country of origin to the destination location.

Upon reaching the destination port, the ship will be unloaded and the containers will get stored in shipyards. The contents of these containers will then be made ready for ground shipping into final locations.

4. Deal with Customs Requirements

When preparing to ship your goods overseas, you must consider the important requirements and regulations of Customs Authorities overseas. In such a case, you must always file the proper paperwork and provide required documentation to make sure that your goods aren’t flagged, randomly inspected, or delayed due to non-compliance.

Common Documents Needed for Ocean Freight Shipping