How to ship to Amazon amid Coronavirus outbreak

Freight Right offers alternative shipping and warehousing options for Amazon Sellers during a time of global trade disruption.


Problem & Solution 

As part of its measures to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus and to better aid the communities that are heavily affected by it, Amazon has temporarily stopped receiving shipments of goods that the company considers “non-essential.”

As these restrictions remain in effect, Freight Right offers Amazon Sellers the option to ship your goods to the United States and to hold them in our warehouses. Once Amazon lifts the restrictions, your goods will be labeled and delivered to Amazon FBA on days' notice. You will also be able to book Amazon Partner Carriers to pick up your goods from our facilities. 

The alternative is leaving your goods at factories. This will likely cause space issues for the manufacturers. Most importantly this means it will take at least four weeks before the goods are delivered to Amazon after the restrictions are lifted. There is also the omnipresent risk of further shutdowns and restrictions on cargo movement worldwide, which can further delay your inventory. 

The expert consensus seems to be that supply chain disruptions will get much worse before they get better, so it’s best to act fast and ship your orders into the country.


Freight Right warehouses currently available

SacramentoOakland/San FranciscoLos Angeles/Long Beach
CharlestonMiamiNew York/New Jersey


FCL Processing

Devanning Palletized 20’ container$300.00Per Container
Devanning Palletized 40’ container$360.00Per Container
Devanning Floor Loaded 300 cartons or less$300.00Per Container
Devanning Floor Loaded 301-500 cartons$360.00Per Container
Devanning Floor Loaded 501-750 cartons$420.00Per Container
Devanning Floor Loaded 751-1200 cartons$480.00Per Container
Devanning Floor Loaded 1201-1400 cartons$540.00Per Container
Devanning Floor Loaded 1401 plus cartons$600.00Per Container
Labeling$0.50Per Carton
Storage (per pallet per month)$35.00Per Pallet
Palletizing and shrink wrapping$18.00Per Pallet
FTL Delivery to Moreno Valley$675.00Per 53' Truck
FTL Delivery to Rialto$675.00Per 53' Truck



In/Out$15.00Per Pallet
Palletizing and shrink wrapping$18.00Per Pallet
Labeling$0.50Per Carton
Storage (per pallet per month)$35.00Per Pallet


*Warehouse Services are offered as part of international freight. These services are not available to shipments booked with other freight forwarders.

*Pallet rates valid for pallets measuring 48x40x72" or less.

*Rates subject to change based on availability.

*Space availability is subject to change.

*Warehouse addresses will be provided at the time of booking


Are these services available for any Amazon shipper?

Warehouse services are offered as part of Freight Right’s international freight services. This service is only available for shipments that were booked with Freight Right and no other freight-forwarders.

Am I guaranteed to have enough available warehousing space?

This service is available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so the earlier you book, the better your chances of having enough storage space will be. Space availability is subject to change.

How long can Freight Right hold my goods in warehouses?

We will store your goods until they are delivered to Amazon or are picked up by Amazon Partner Carriers!

Freight Right & Amazon 

Freight Right is one of the first logistics companies to become a part of Amazon’s Service Provider Network (SPN), which directly serves Amazon FBA. We have a full network of warehouses close to nearly all FBA facilities in the United States and Canada. We are equipped with experienced teams who will manage your Amazon shipments from start to finish.

Even in this time of disruption and constant change within the trade industry, Freight Right remains a fully operational logistics platform to address any and all of your uncertainties or issues about the industry, its dysfunctions, and other aspects.



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Required Information for Quoting

  • Incoterms with your supplier (EXW, FOB, etc)
  • Factory address
  • Delivery address (If delivering to Amazon FBA, please provide the 4-digit Facility Code)
  • Description of goods (Include HS Code if available)
  • Value of goods
  • Advise if you have imported to the United States before
  • Do you have a continuous customs bond?
  • How often do you import to the U.S.?
  • How often do you plan to import in the next year?