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What is CIS & EMEA?





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What is CIS? 

The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1991 between post-Soviet nations throughout Eurasia, after the downfall of the Soviet Union. The mission of this organization is to strengthen cooperation in various fields of internal and external policies between the member-countries. The organization is focused on political, economic, humanitarian, cultural, and environmental partnership.

What countries are a part of the CIS? 

There are 12 member states for the CIS, all of which are located in the Eurasia Region of the former Soviet Union. They are as follows:

- Armenia;

- Azerbaijan;

- Belarus;

- Georgia;

- Kazakhstan;

- Kyrgyzstan;

- Moldova;

- Russia;

- Tajikistan;

- Turkmenistan;

- Ukraine;

- Uzbekistan.


What is EMEA? 

Europe, Middle East, and Africa or EMEA is a label that global / international businesses use to label and divide their operations geographically. For example, a multinational enterprise would break out its financial outcomes by region, and report its sales, and profits accordingly. The region breakdown would be something like: the Americas; the EMEA region, and Asia Pacific and Japan. It is also used when assigning leadership roles within international companies on each of these divisions or regions. 

What are some regions related to the EMEA? 

There are over 12 regional organizations associated with the EMEA, each connected not by culture, language, or governmental standing, but by geographic orientation. They are as follows:

- Southeastern Europe, Middle East, & Africa (SEEMEA) 

- The Middle East & North Africa (MENA) 

- Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) 

- Central Europe, Middle East & Africa (CEMEA) 

- Europe, Middle East, & North Africa (EUMENA or EMENA) 

- Europe, Middle East, Africa, & the Carribean (EMEAC) 

- Europe, Middle East, Africa & Commonwealth of Independent States (EMEACIS) 

- The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) 

- Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, & Africa (CEMA) 

- North Atlantic & Central Europe (NACE) 

- Eastern Europe, Middle East, & Africa (EEMEA) 

- European Union (EU) 

- European Free Trade Association (EFTA)

 * Sometimes India is included in the grouping of EMEA, making it EMEIA or EMIA.




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