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What is DAP?

Delivered-at-place, or DAP is an international trade term describing a deal where the seller is responsible for all costs and responsibilities of shipment from origin to a named destination.

According to DAP Incoterms, what is each party responsible for?

Under DAP Incoterms, the seller is fully responsible for all risks and costs from origin to the agreed upon location as well as proper packing and all necessary documents. When the shipment reaches the destination mentioned in the contract of sale, the buyer becomes responsible and assumes all risk. The buyer is also responsible for unloading costs and risk at the named destination as well as any transportation after. Additionally, they are responsible for customs clearance in the importing country including providing import permits, proof of payment, customs taxes and duties, and more.

When is DAP used?

Delivered-at-place incoterm is applicable for any mode or intermodal and is usually accompanied by the location where the buyer takes responsibility, for example “DAP, Port of Los Angeles.”

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