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What is a Certificate of Compliance?


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Certificate of Compliance CoC

What is a Certificate of Conformity?

A Certificate of Conformity or CoC, is a document certified by a competent authority that the supplied good or service meets the required specifications. Initially, it is a formal certification that declares that an individual or company has met a set of conditions. 

In trade, a Certificate of Compliance, or Certificate of Conformity is given to exporters or importers to show that the goods or services purchased or supplied meet the required standards of a given country. This document is usually required to be presented during the customs clearance of goods in some countries.

Why are Certificates of Conformity required?

Many countries require Certificates of Conformity because they are very strict about the quality of goods that enter their territory. Oftentimes, they are apprehensive about the ingredients of the goods that are being imported. This is done to ensure the safety of these products and the well-being of the citizens of these countries. Some countries even insist that before goods are imported, they must be inspected to ensure that they meet all international standards. Consignments which meet these international acceptable standards are given a Certificate of Compliance or Conformity, which is then presented to the Customs authorities at destination, in order to be cleared for importation.



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