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What is a chassis?

A special trailer or attachment that allows ocean containers to be transported via truck. A chassis is required for shipments transitioning from sea to road and will require a chassis fee.

Chassis work by fitting snugly around the container, keeping it from moving around during transport. There are chassis for both 20ft and 40ft containers, and tri-axle chassis are available for overweight FCL shipments.

Chassis Fee:

If your shipment is moving from ocean to truck and requires a chassis, this will incur a few. For FCL this is a flat fee and will vary by trucker. For LCL this fee will be determined by the volume of the cargo.

Tri-Axle Chassis Fee:

A tri-axle fee is incurred for overweight shipments that require a tri-axle. Generally, 36,000 pounds is overweight for the 20-foot container and 44,000 pounds is overweight for the 40-foot container and would require a tri-axle chassis. Truckers may choose to stack both a chassis fee and a tri-axle chassis fee for applicable shipments

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