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Chassis Split

What is Chassis Split? 

Also referred to as Chassis Repositioning Fee, a Chassis Split is when a container is not located in the same place as the chassis. This procedure occurs when a trucker has to pick up or drop off a container and chassis in two different locations. 

In some cases, the ocean terminal does not provide chassis due to shortage or as a matter of policy. Thus, the driver has to make a separate trip to a chassis provider before heading to the port. That is called a Split Pick up. 

Oftentimes, when containers are returned to the ocean terminal, they only accept the container and not the chassis because of space limitations or due to policy constraints. In this case, the driver has to make a separate trip to an offsite chassis facility. This is known as a Split Return. 

Split pick up and split return may occur on the same shipment, and because of this, there may be two Chassis Split charges applied to a single container.




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