What is Intermodal Freight Transportation?


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Intermodal Freight Transportation


What is Intermodal Freight Transportation?

Intermodal refers to a strategy of moving a shipment that involves two modes: truck and rail. If a shipper chooses this option, their container is usually moved via truck to a rail station where it is moved to the train, and finally onto another truck to move to its final destination. Intermodal shipping sometimes utilizes specialized equipment like an intermodal container and intermodal chassis.

 What are the benefits of Intermodal Transport? 

-Lowered freight costs, because it utilizes the more fuel efficient and economic rail system for the main leg of the overland journey

-More sustainable and better for the environment

-Fast and reliable service

-Decreased drop fees as dropped intermodal container fees are less than full truckload (FTL) drop

-Many options for destination because of the size and scope of railway systems


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