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What is Last Free Day?


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Last Free Day

What is the last free day? 

“Last free day” or LFD  is a term used to describe the last day you can pick up your container from the port or railway yard without paying storage (demurrage) charges. It is also the last day that the container can be out of the port terminal before usage fees or Per Diem fees are charged. 

How many “free days” do I get?

The number of free days varies, depending on the carrier and mode of transportation. They depend on form of shipping : 

Full container load (FCL)Ocean ports generally allow 3-5 days of storage time, but it also varies across terminals. 
Less than container load (LCL)The Container Freight Station provides approximately a week of free storage time after they have unloaded and deconsolidated the container. 
AirAirline terminals normally provide 2-3 days of free storage time.
RailThe rail ports normally provide about 2 days of free storage time, which sometimes includes the weekends.



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