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What is Less than Truckload

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What is Less than Truckload?

Less than truckload or LTL is a trucking option for shipments that are not large enough to take up the capacity of an entire truck. Instead, LTL shipments are consolidated with other small shipments to fill up a truck. LTL shipments are less expensive as the travel through many carrier hubs in order to pick up and drop off cargo throughout the route. While less expensive, LTL also means longer transit times because if your goods are moving from Los Angeles to Chicago, it may stop, or move trucks, in many cities along the way. LTL is typically used when the cargo weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds.

What are some benefits of shipping LTL?

- Cost-effective: you are sharing the cost of the full truck with other shippers whose goods are on board.

- Security: your goods will likely be palletized, increasing security during transit.

- Access: LTL shipments may get access to services like lift gates and inside pick up and delivery.

What determines LTL shipping rates?

- Location: The distance between the pickup point and the destination will indicate how much you have to pay for the LTL services.

- Dimensions: The height, width, and weight of your shipment determines the freight class which is used to calculate transportation costs.

- Mode: LTL loads can be expedited, which results in additional fees.

- Type: Fees may be applied if the shipment requires any special handling or equipment for transit.

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