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What is Full Truckload?


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What is Full Truckload

What is Full Truckload?

Otherwise referred to as FTL, full truckload is a type of shipping mode where a truck carries one dedicated shipment from one point to another. In an FTL shipment, the ‘journey’ is dedicated to one specific transaction, without any other detours. 

What are some advantages of shipping Full Truckload? 

- Best way to transport large shipments

- Full truckloads work out cheaper for large loads

- Less size and weight restrictions

- Full truckloads are much faster than consolidated or less-than-truckload shipments

- No other pick-ups or drop-offs

- Less handling - transfer between trucks mid-transit

- The shipment stays in the same mode of transport throughout the whole journey

- The shipment is less-likely to be lost or damaged, as it has a dedicated truck and driver/handler 

What are Freight Right’s Full Truckload services? 

Freight Right offers various services regarding full truckload. They are as follows: 

- Truckload brokerage services

- Flatbread

- Dry Van 

- Refrigerated trucks

- Overweight and Oversized Load

- Specialty Equipment


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